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Thank you! Glad to be here!

What are your expectations regarding the country and what is your first impression?
It’s a really beautiful country with friendly people, nice nature, tasty food and lots of great architecture! I’m really excited to explore everything and of course you have summer now which is great if you come from grey and cold winter of Berlin!

Did you know any Brazilian producers of electronic music?
Yes I know a lot of great music from Brazilian producers. I think one of the first guys which i discovered was DJ Murphy, Dj Marky and his crazy Drum & Bass skills and of course Renato Cohen and his track “Pontape” which was a big hit in Europe back in the days. Today I really love the stuff of Renato Ratier and his D-Edge label, Gui Boratto, Anderson Noise, the music of Nomumbah on Yoruba Records (check their amazing album “Amanha”) and last year I played with the great live-act Elekfantz in Leipzig, Germany. I`m sure i forgot so many other awesome artists.

Tell us about your labels!
The main label is Rotary Cocktail Recordings which is not only focused to one style. We are open for different genres from House to Techno to more Dub inspired stuff. The most important fact is that the music should touch us and is kind of special or different. Polymorph is for our love of Techno where we release the harder stuff. Cutz# is just a fun project for official releases of our edits and remixes.

You are quite requested as a remixer by major artists like Moodymann, Radio Slave, Seth Troxler, Steve Bug, Timo Maas, Robert Owens, Paul Johnson or Lawrence and great labels like Pokerflat, Cocoon, Rekids, Compost or Rebirth. What was your track that you consider a start up in this process and when was it released?
Thank you! I think the first track which got many attention from all over the world was an official edit for Mark Broom & Brothers’ Vibe which was released on the Platzhirsch label in 2008. It was kind of an underground hit in Ibiza and almost all the big Djs played it. Sven Väth licensed it to Cocoon for his Ibiza mix cd which helped a lot to get the first bookings outside of Germany.

About the youAND:THEMACHINES project, which I consider brilliant, have you already performed as a live act or that’s on your plans ?
I would love to play it live but unfortunately it would be to complicated and expensive to realize it because there are so many different musicians and vocal artists involved. I mean I can do it alone and play clips of this recordings in Ableton but this would be not the same and it would be kind of a playback liveact. If i will play live i really want to play live with musicians and instruments.

And speaking about the machines, which you consider indispensable or which you always uses in your productions?
I think it’s not so much about the machines you use which makes great music. It’s more about the ideas how you create your music. I know producers who did amazing records on the Iphone for example. And I know guys with crazy modular systems for 10 thousands of $ +++ and they released one boring record in 5 years.

About your “SINUS|COSINUS” record, in few words, talk about the creative process and what gear you used.

The idea of my “SINUS|COSINUS” project is the simplicity of a livejam. I just used my modularsystem connected to my mixing desk, a delay and a reverb on the aux channels and for each jam i used a different drum machine (01 = Roland TR909, 02 = MFB Tanzmaus, 03 = Roland TR808). It was recorded without any editing or the help of a computer and i was really happy that the guys of OLGA Rec. understand my concept and released it. Thank you Olga Rec.!


youANDme is deeply engrained in the German electronic music world and especially the
international Berlin club scene. Not only are they in the heart of the bohemian capital for techno, they also serve a greater role as its artery, pumping blood through its veins with their labels as the valves.
This has made them international transplants, playing gigs and festivals around the world in cultural hubs like New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Tel Aviv. They have been in demand
by top brands such as Space Ibiza, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, KaZantip Festival in Crimea,Panorama Bar in Berlin, and many more.
As the owners of Rotary Cocktail Recordings, Polymorph, CUTZ.ME, and three other mysterious imprints, they provide a steady flow of music and talent from Germany to the rest of the world. As DJs and producers, their music runs inherently deep, with a raw and kicking signature. The ideas of funk and soul serve as its backbone across styles like house, techno, dub, and electronica. Some of today’s most recognized labels have taken note, with youANDme releases making their way ontoCocoon, Rekids, Pokerflat, Compost, Rebirth, and more bespoke efforts like Ornaments.
Apart from original productions, they’re also well known for their remixes and edits, having done official work for original house music heroes like Moodymann, Robert Owens, and Paul Johnson or contemporary powerhouses such as Radio Slave, Seth Troxler, Steve Bug, and Lawrence. 2015
Clique Bookings – Fon/Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 2935 2331 –
currently holds another release for Cocoon and a new outing on Desolat with a remix from the label  boss himself, Loco Dice.
Pulling highlights from such a sincere body of work is no easy task, but 2008 saw youANDme and Mark Broom’s “Bournewood” included in Loco Dice’s BBC Radio1 Essential Mix. youANDme’s edit of “Mind/Feeling” was licensed to Cocoon by Sven Väth for the 10th edition of his The Sound Of The Season compilation series in 2009, proving the pair’s sound viable even when set in the flashiness of Ibiza.
The following year, youANDme put out their own first official mix CD for Ornaments, receiving accolades from the worldwide press. They gained even more credit from publications for a busy 2011 and youANDme’s remix of Timo Maas featuring UK pop diva Katie Cruel was the best sold track of Timo’s label Rockets & Ponies in 2013, a massive year for Martin as it also saw the release of his debut album. Under the moniker of youAND:THEMACHINES, Behind was received with tremendous appreciation from all over the world by critics, DJs, and fans alike, a laudable achievement in brooding and physical machine music with Chicago’s 5 Magazine stating that “it made a significant dent in the music landscape.” Revisiting the record in 2014 with a diverse cast of Matthew Herbert, Steve Bug, Boo Williams, Luke Hess, and others, the stuff of any serious house and techno head’s dreams.


Whether through their productions, labels, or gigs, youANDme have proven that, with a little bit of heart, and a lot of soul, doors will open, crowds will come, dance floors will fill, and the speakers will pound for these ambassadors of their city, country, and the music as a whole.





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